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Sixth Sense

Marzell Całko – writer, editor, criminologist, model of Polish descent. Together with Dr. Obilo, she established the Nigerian Healthcare Foundation. She lives in the USA and Europe. Travelling, interesting people, painting, mind aesthetics, having passions and own way of life are her guideposts.

“I’m impressed, I read the book in one sitting, I saw my inner self in there and that’s what it’s all about – being able to identify with the author’s soul.”
Adrian Alicea, world-famous fashion designer

“It’s definitely a book that will reach every corner of our imagination and also the imperfect or phenomenal reality. I was traveling with Marzell. I reckoned with my weaknesses, self-confidence, or prudishness.”
Jennifer Fortunato, attorney


Wydano: 2024 rok

Autor: Całko Marzell(o autorze)

Książka drukowana

Stron: 178
Format: 145x205
ISBN: 978-83-8308-038-3
Oprawa: Twarda