“Post our 50th Anniversary hype, the Polonia Maribyrnong’s club structure somewhat collapsed. The people and players were leaving in droves, to a point that the Committee thought about merging with another Soccer Club (Argentinian origin Melbourne City). Luckily, the big Polish Heart and Pride prevailed and a handful of Polish born players and activists (young and old) created and entered Polonia teams (now based at newly acquired and built Polish Sports & Recreation Centre in Albion) into Victorian Soccer Federation competitions, to continually exist past 50 years.
At the same time, same players and supporters saw the need to have Polonia’s own junior teams. We started with 2 teams in 2001, most boys being sons of the past players and new wave of Polish emigration in late 80s and early 90s. We can proudly say that these little boys now form the backbone of the current (2014) Seniors team.
Our deemed ethic name (Polonia SC) had to be changed due to FIFA regulations – we became Western Eagles SC.
The number of boys junior teams grew to 7 in 2007, when the Club entered another growth era by creating the first girls’ junior team. Girls soccer was then the biggest growth sector in Victorian football. Our Club did not just finish with junior girls, but continued to expand into Senior Women team. This Team has won its way from Metro 4 League to State 1 – the highest placed team of all, in the recent years.
Following the success of the Women section, the Old Boys (our Polish born past and new players) have created a competition team and entered VSF/FFV competitions. Playing in Thirds leagues, they won promotions, culminating in mid-table finishes of Masters League in the recent seasons.
Our Men’s Senior teams fared indifferently. There were championships and relegations. A high turnover of players and coaches. Always on a verge becoming great, but never there. Only in 2011, when we have hedged The Club’s Seniors future on our own U18s Juniors, the situation started to stabilise and promotions resulted. We are now very comfortable State 3 team, promising to give the League a very good shake in 2015.

Yours in Sport,
Wojtek Laskowski
Western Eagles SC – KS Polonia”

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