TWO CENTURIES, TWO COUNTRIES. One Life | Wydawnictwo Poligraf


The author, an engineer by profession, covers a vast span of time and space in his autobiography—from his childhood in Polesie (in pre-WWII Poland), through WWII in Podlasie, university years in Wroclaw, and adult life in Warsaw, to a difficult new beginning as an immigrant in America, and his years of adaptation to life in his new country.
The author was fortunate to have witnessed and often participated in many pivotal historic events. He narrates those events and adds astute commentary and interesting reflections. His participation in the Burza action of the 1944 Polish fight for freedom, his work in the budding nuclear industry, his clash with military security services, his emigration with his family in the face of official prohibition, and the challenges they faced starting a new life in New York are intertwined with recollections of family life and life-long friendships.
This is a story for the younger generations as well as for those who will find fragments of their own lives in these reminiscences. The young will encounter vivid scenes of Poland before WWII, Poland under the Communist regime, and immigrant life in the United States.

Autor: Bajbor Zbigniew Ziggy(o autorze)

Książka drukowana

Stron: 386
Format: 145x205
ISBN: 978-0-692-90830-3
Oprawa: Miekka
Cena: 0.00

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