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Persistence of Visions

This is quite an extraordinary book, just as the lives of its authors, mother and son, were extraordinary. It depicts Stalinist persecutions, endured with courage and dignity, and allows us to watch the extraordinary career of a Polish cinematographer, a lecturer in Hollywood, a man who could preserve the ethos of a member of the Polish intelligentsia in the vanity fair of film ambitions.
The text is highly readable. A gallery of figures from Polish public life, prominent and less known, has been portrayed vividly, but also tactfully, without infringing privacy. An excellent read, which enables us to become intimately acquainted with people belonging to the elites which shaped our lives over many years.

Autor: Malkiewicz Kris (o autorze)

Książka drukowana

Stron: 286
Format: 145x205
ISBN: 978-83-8159-011-2
Oprawa: Miekka
Cena: 0.00

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