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Coming. A guidebook for a modern woman and a real man

COMING is a book about … reaching a goal, the importance of sex and orgasm. The reader will find there the description of sexual positions, techniques, types of orgasms and instrumental approach to the sexual act. The author emphasizes the GOAL as the fulfillment. The readers are taken on the journey which aims at moving to a different dimension and returning from it enables them to look at the world from a new perspective.
The publication is the result of numerous conversations with people from which emerges the picture of a lack of understanding, acceptance, need of the artificial accuracy exerted by the environment, education and culture. The author encourages you to give up these restrictions, which may be the first step to self – acceptance and achieving the happiness.


“At the moment of manhood crisis it is important to go back to the origins. To the place where real men can look for the models. To let them be not only physical men but also spiritual ones. What does a real man stand for? In general it means caring for others, being responsible for  your own choices, it is also an attitude when the whole is more important than the individual and at last it is seeing the meaning of your own living in the coexistence.

“Coming” by Peter Shadow step by step shows how to become a real man in the area of sexuality. It is also inspirational for women as it makes them sensitive to spiritual experiences and inner needs of becoming together in order to get the whole. Every man after reaching the whole will strive to get it all the time and the crisis of manhood will  just be a distant  memory.

I highly recommend. It is really a good book.

Philip Zimbardo”


PETER SHADOW – a doctor, psychology is his hobby, he completed postgraduate studies in psychology. Husband and father of two children.

Autor: Shadow Peter(o autorze)

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Stron: 84
Format: 125x195
ISBN: 978-83-7856-413-3
Oprawa: Miekka
Cena: 32.00

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