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Second chances

Autor: Juan Martin Sánchez .
Stron: 144.
Format: 145x205.
ISBN: 978-83-7856-491-1.
Oprawa: twarda
Cena: 30.00

A single Argentinean man living in Poland and a simple twenty-first-century love story that's just the beginning of his journey through life.

Miguel is an Argentinean young man living in Poland. His life becomes more intense when he meets Luiza, a girl whose idealistic views correspond to his. They walk a romantic path together in a story full of Polish society and Argentinean historical and cultural background. The book is sprinkled with verses and short stories that add to the main plot. A hopelessly romantic book which is, however, imbued with realism and pragmatism. A twenty-first century love story full of life and color, and a reflection of live and everything that is worthy in it.